Lynsey Pompei-Storm

Born and raised in Santa Fe, Lynsey truly has her finger on the pulse of the Santa Fe food scene.  She has 15 years of restaurant experience in a number of capacities. Furthermore, with a huge portion of her family residing in Philadelphia, she has explored the food culture there inside and out.


Chip Storm

Having lived in Santa Fe for most of his life, Chip understands the Santa Fe food culture. While growing up, he amassed a wealth of restaurant experience.  Furthermore, Chip has owned a successful business in Santa Fe, Ski Tech, for 10 years and appreciates the possibility to bring positive growth to our city.

Our Staff

Chef Steve Pompei

Chef Pompei started as a meat cutter in his fathers downtown Italian meat market.  He then continued as a carving chef in a Philadelphia restaurant and was the Sous Chef at other well known restaurants across the country...such as Brennans.  Chef Steve ended up and Santa Fe and was the Executive Chef at the Palace restaurant from 1980 to 1983.


For many years it was the dream of Lynsey Pompei (now Pompei-Storm) and her father, Steve Pompei, to open a traditional Philadelphia style sandwich shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  All it took was adding Chip Storm, Lynsey's husband, to the mix to make that dream come true.

We have now set forth on a mission to bring Santa Feans and southwestern folks alike, the true tastes of Philadelphia.  Our cheese steaks and hoagies are 100% authentic and OUR BREAD IS STRAIGHT FROM PHILLY!

We all have a great passion for healthy and carefully crafted food.  All of our ingredients are carefully selected to achieve the greatest possible quality, while staying true to the food traditions of Philadelphia. Furthermore, we are all HEALTHY people and take great pride in serving our patrons high quality, healthy foods.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!!

A Dream Come True!

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